Why having Team Building Events in your Corporate Calendar are so important

Teambuilding experts, Off Limits, explain why having team building events in your corporate calendar are just so important.

Team Building

Our working lives have transformed in recent years, dramatically changing both where and the way in which we work.  From the traditional office to flexible and remote home working, it has never been more important to reconnect with colleagues for a bit of team bonding.  Connecting with your colleagues and understanding how you all individually contribute to the overall team can really help working relationships, and productivity.  More and more companies are seeking corporate team building events to help unite and refocus their teams.  We have linked up with teambuilding company Off Limits, to understand more about why having team building days in your corporate calendar are just so important!

Increases Motivation and Wellbeing

We all know that at times motivation can be lacking within the workplace and a good team building day can really help to turn this around and bring a greater sense of motivation across the whole workplace. Employees wellbeing plays such a huge role in motivation and therefore choosing a team building event that focuses around this can show employees how much you value their wellbeing; it could also teach wellbeing tactics that could be taken back into the workplace.

Shows staff you value them

A team building event is a great way to show staff how you value them. It can show that the company sees value in them by spending budget on creating an activity for them to enjoy and take part in. When an employee feels valued, you are more likely to see a greater commitment and loyalty to their role.

Improves cross team working and collaboration

Team building events facilitate employees going out of their comfort zone and collaborating with new employees they would not normally work with or communicate with. This enables a new understanding of different roles within the business and builds a foundation for knowledge and skill sharing which is invaluable in any workplace. New work relationships can be built and inspire cross team working that would have never been considered. Cross team working, problem solving and skill sharing can improve so much within a workplace, that even with just this advantage alone it makes a team building event so worthwhile.

Crystal Quest - Off Limits
Off Limits – Crystal Quest

Enables teams to take time out

With so many deadlines and work pressures it can be difficult to find the time to take for a corporate team building event, but this time out will make such a difference and will actually speed up workflow, attention and help to achieve deadline goals. You could choose to run a team building event that has a focus on working effectively and efficiently, teaching new skills of how to take time out to stop burn outs while showing how to be more efficient with your time to achieve deadlines and goals. Again, allowing employees to take time out for a team building event reinforces how much you value them and their wellbeing.

Shows how important each member of the business is

A good team building day will really show the value of each team member, for example something like motion machine, each team has part of a machine to build, then each team have to work together and problem solve to ensure all parts go together at the right time to enable the machine to work. This event quite literally shows how each team member is a vital cog and with just one piece missing or not working correctly it stops the whole machine working. Sometimes within the workplace we can forget the importance of the whole team and how everyone plays a role in everyone’s success. For example, if the electrician hasn’t got the electrics working, then you couldn’t work and would lose time, it’s little things like this that mean people forget how important each person is and a good team building event is a great reminder.

Off Limits - Motion Machine
Off Limits – Motion Machine

Great way to celebrate success

Getting teams out on a team building day is a wonderful way to celebrate success.  Team Building company, Off Limits Event Professionals, have an outstanding variety of events that are fantastic as celebration events. From family fun days to the famous It’s a Knockout, or celebration evenings with performers, artists, casino tables and theming. They can also create bespoke events that will work perfectly with your objectives.

So, never forget the importance a team building event can play in so many areas of the business, hence why it’s so important to ensure you have them booked into your corporate calendar. And why not make it even more memorable by having it at a stadium!  View UK stadium venues suitable for your next event.

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