10 Team Building Event Ideas To Win Over Your Colleagues

Team Building

What is a Team Building Event?

Team building events can come in many forms, from going out for a meal to competing in an indoor assault course. It is an event that has the main intention of building relationships between colleagues by getting to work together and know each other better outside of the office or work environment.

Why Arrange a Team Building Event?

It can be difficult to find the time to learn more about your colleagues in working hours. By planning a team building event, it can be the perfect boost that your team needs to spark some inspiration and productivity into their routine after a long quarter.

Usually, these type of events revolves around a certain business milestone that has been met, such as a sales goal or a product launch.

The team building plays an important role in ensuring the future cohesiveness of a group will continue to be smooth running. Not only is it a treat to have a day of fun activities, but the team will also be able to work and communicate effectively in different situations which will ultimately increase the efficiency of operations.

Where to Find These Events?

The team-building events below can be found at KDM Events and Off Limits Events. For more information, visit their websites.

10 Team Building Event Ideas

CSI Investigation

Based on the TV series, this team building challenge is perfect for curious workers. It is down to you and your team to solve the crime and finish the case.

10 Team Building Event Ideas

Tailored to the theme of your choice, the CSI event is the perfect exercise to get everyone working together to find a killer. Use your best investigative skills and race against the clock to narrow down potential suspects. From CCTV analysis and witness statements to blood splatter analysis and fingerprinting, this event has a range of activities that everyone is likely to enjoy.

This challenge will highlight the teams, problem-solving, decision making and communicating skills whilst they hunt for the murderer.

Enter The Dragons Den

Bring out the inner entrepreneur in everyone involved and come face-to-face with the business Dragons!

Create a product or service along with a marketing strategy and get creative. Showcase what you’ve come up with to the Dragons and get inspired by each others business proposals and ideas. Why not hire an executive box at a unique venue to create a realistic atmosphere?

Use your skills to work as a team, as well as come up with an effective pitch to promote your idea. This team-building challenge is sure to get the creative juices flowing.

Team Work Challenge

Focusing on time management, delegation, individual strengths and teamwork, this challenge is an all-rounder when it comes to a successful team building event.

This event can include a range of exercises, such as blindfold tent building, a race against time, blindfold obstacle course, rocket building and pyramids.

Escape Room

10 Team Building Event Ideas

Get your teammates involved in the ultimate team building activity which has become increasingly popular over time. An escape room is a perfect way to get people working together to achieve the end of goal of freedom!

There are thousands of escape rooms around the UK with themes from a zombie apocalypse to Harry Potter. Or, you could experience the thrill of the activity right from your office with KDM Events’ ‘Escape the Office’ event.

Work through puzzles and riddles, dismantle clues and get the key that unlocks the room! This activity promotes and highlights team cohesiveness, leadership and time management.

Out of Office Olympics

Take home gold with this physical team building event. This type of event encourages communication, creativity and problem solving to bring colleagues closer together.

Don’t fancy falling into a pool of cold water? Why not tackle an inflatable assault course that is a bit dryer. Then show off your archery skills and get competitive when representing your country. Let your hair down and have some fun out of the office!

Bake Off

Why not go head to head with your colleagues to see who can create the best selection of afternoon tea treats?

10 Team Building Event Ideas

Allowing individual team members to showcase their talents as well as working together to illustrate creativity, this event is one that all colleagues are bound to enjoy.

Choose what and how many delicious treats the teams have to bake in a realistic time frame. Such as scones, cupcakes, muffins and cakes. Points are not only awarded for how the snacks taste, but for the decoration and presentation of the afternoon tea.

This challenge encourages teams to implement effective time management skills whilst being creative.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

From treasure hunts, trivia challenges and solving clues, there are several themes you can choose from when having a scavenger hunt.

Group colleagues into teams to embark on a hunt around your local town to find clues and treasures. Whoever wins gets a prize!

This improves problem-solving skills as well as enhancing delegation skills under a time restriction.

High Ropes Course

10 Team Building Event Ideas

Conquer your fear and venture out of your comfort zone with a high ropes course. Involving cable crossings, balance beams and thought-provoking structures, this challenge is sure to bring everyone together.

This event enhances the trust as well as improving the communication and collaboration among participants who will then bring this into the office.

Starting from the ground and moving higher, the course helps you to face your fears in your own pace. This event is one that will have to be organised with a safe and experienced event coordinator such as Off Limits Events.

Ice Sculpting

Choose an event that is out of the box and consider an ice sculpting challenge. This is sure to be a learning experience for most participants.

10 Team Building Event Ideas

Teams have the opportunity to watch an expert demonstrate and then carve a design into a block of crystal ice.

This challenge will enforce team building and creativity skills among teams as well as incorporating competition.

Build an Eco Shelter

Raise awareness for sustainable survival practices with this team-building exercise.

Participants use traditional methods and techniques to construct eco-friendly shelters with their own individual roles. Working as a team to create a sturdy shelter will develop communication and problem-solving skills among colleagues.

So, instead of taking your colleagues to the local pub next time you achieve something great, why not get outside and learn something new! Make your team-building event a day that no one will forget.