How to Choose a Theme for Your Corporate Event

It can be hard to choose a theme for a corporate event that is appropriate and enjoyable for all your guests. There are a few questions you have to answer before you can start actively planning your event, think what, why, when, who and how? Here are some ideas.

What’s Your Budget?

This is perhaps the most important aspect of corporate event planning, without knowing your budget it is pretty much impossible to plan anything other than an idea of what you and your guests will want. Obviously a large budget can open access to a colorful array of memorable themes, such as circus, winter wonderland and bond 007. However, don’t worry if your budget is on the lesser side, there are still many themes you can pull off. One of my favourites that always brings out the creative side of guests is having to dress up as something beginning with the first letter of your name. It is a simple idea and everyone is likely to find an outfit that they feel comfortable in.

Champagne Toasting

What Are You Celebrating?

Are you celebrating a certain milestone like your company’s 50th anniversary? Focus the party around the number 50 or a 70s theme (50 years ago). You could have 50 balloons, 50 guests, 50s dress code, you get the picture. If you are celebrating the launch of a new product or service you could create a theme around that, for example, the launch of a new app, have cupcakes with the logo on the top and drinks named after the properties in the app.

corporate party themes

Who is Coming?

Before you can start planning the theme you have to be aware of an estimated number of attendees, there would be little point in having an extravagant theme if only 20 people were attending. You will also need to think about the type of guests who are coming, a comical theme is likely to be more suited to a smaller intimate group of employees let’s say over a large group of corporate clients. When there is a large number of guests it is always safer to choose a theme that everyone could work with instead of a specific niche theme.

What Food?

Whether you choose to have a sit down 3 course meal or party nibbles, the food can really make or break the event. Taking into account your budget and number of guests, choose food that is popular so that as many guests as possible are satisfied. You can choose what food to have after you have decided on a theme or vice versa and base the theme on the food you are having. For example, if you are catering a Mexican menu, think about having a fiesta theme.

corporate party themes

Where Are You Having The Event?

What’s your venue like? If the venue is smaller, it will be more suited to a smaller number of guests and the activities in the room will be limited whereas a larger, more unusual venue with a lot of space has more potential to a range of activities such as a photo booth and performances.

After reviewing all these factors that play a role in planning your corporate event, you are all set! Colleagues will be talking about your event for years, in a good way. Don’t be shy when it comes to getting creative, just make sure your guest’s needs and wants come above everything else.


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