England v Scotland in #makeitsteak International Match

Executive Head Chefs from Wembley Stadium​ and Hampden Park​ Stadium battled it out to take the #makeitsteak challenge to an international level.  


Stadium chefs compete in the fourth #makeitsteak match

What an amazing International Premier #makeitsteak match it was this weekend!

Executive Head Chefs from Wembley Stadium​ and Hampden Park​ Stadium battled it out to take the #steaknight challenge to another level.  Kick off and Colin Dempsey came off the centre spot at pace with his #beef Wellington and had huge support from the Scottish fans and Quality Meat Scotland shouting loud and proud for their chef.

Whilst Executive Head Chef Harry Lomas was put onto the back foot with his strong contender of the #sirloin and made a  dash up the pitch in the second quarter of the match with several of his loyal fans calling for more to the match.

The weather in the south was fine and dry giving cause for concern that people strayed from the match and allowed the fans of Colin and Scotland more time to take advantage and then the major blows of both Hampden Park and the Scottish FA backing their chef all the way added to the woes of the England camp.

Harry kept the pressure up all the way through to the end of the match and made a valiant effort to pull back the 3 goals needed to make a draw. It was going to be a tough call on any #Steaknight pitch but on an international with and entire nation backing their chef it was all too much and the Colin with his Beef Wellington took the final strike to make it a 7-3 goal line.

Thank you to the Executive Head Chefs Colin and Harry along with their businesses Sodexo UK & Ireland & Delaware North UK who support British farmers by using quality British & Scotch beef, joining in this fun match to showcase what can be achieved.

Thank you Gordon Newlands at Quality Meat Scotland for supporting the match and rallying the supporters in Scotland and Debbie Rigney of Stadium Experience helping to find Stadiums to take part in these fun matches and helping to raise awareness of the need to use steaks at home.

More fixtures coming up in the next few weeks along with the Cricket 20/20 #makeitsteak matches with Kent v Sussex, and Lancashire v Yorkshire (with two ex-England players).

Keep watching for details of the #makeitsteak matches and please do join in with your chefs or players and encouraging people to vote and RT although there is always space for more stadiums to be involved – Football, Rugby, Cricket please email butcherskit@ahdb.org.uk or call Karl Pendlebury 07392319847 for more details.

If you need more inspiration for beef dishes please visit simplybeefandlamb.co.uk.

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