Sponsorship Opportunities

Criteria: This award aims to recognise those individuals or teams (this can be across the venue too) who are simply outstanding at what they do, and continuously shine.

Individuals: This may be a person at the start of their career, making great strides in their roles, or someone in a more senior role leading the way in excellence.

Teams: This may be a team who have gone above and beyond their normal roles to achieve something truly outstanding and inspirational. This can be something as part of their regular duties, or perhaps focusing on supporting the local community or business recovery from challenging times.

Recognise their hard work by nominating them for this award. Evidence you could include in your entry could be statistics, customer feedback, pictures etc. Please ensure your entry is strictly no longer than 2 sides of A4 in total. Please also submit a jpeg picture of the person or team in action, if possible.

Independent Judging Process: This award will be independently judged by a panel of industry expert judges. Each will provide a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place vote, translated to scores. The entry with the highest score wins. Clubs may enter more than one person. All sections MUST be completed in order for your vote to qualify.
Closing Date: Friday 31st March 2023
Cost: £99*. Non-refundable