Fabulous Fan Fayre Chefs Go Head To Head

The third stadium #makeitsteak match featured top chefs from Fabulous Fan Fayre (F3) - The catering partner at Manchester City FC and Watford FC.

Fabulous Fan Fayre Chefs Comp

Fabulous Fan Fayre – Stadium chefs compete in the third #makeitsteak match 

The third stadium #makeitsteak match took place on Friday 29 May featuring top chefs from Fabulous Fan Fayre (F3) – The catering partner at both Manchester City FC and Watford FC.  Leon Adnams-Downes, Executive Chef from Manchester City and Steve Cummings, Executive Chef from Watford FC.  Played out on social media with fans voting for their favourite dish and once again they voted in their hundreds.

The dishes were phenomenal and really played a part in showcasing quality British beef to its best – Leek “hay” roasted fillet of Yorkshire beef, salt baked & pickled beetroot, onion powder, oxtail jus, verses, Grilled Hereford sirloin, crispy parmentier potatoes, slow roast San Marzano tomatoes, British burgundy asparagus & chimichurri sauce

The final score was 6-4 to Manchester City FC, with Chef Leon’s dish finally triumphing with the powerful plating and delicate flavours of the Yorkshire Fillet with a magnificent provenance in its history.  However, Chef Steve’s dish of the Grilled Hereford Sirloin romped away in the early stages of the match and really just ran out of steam as the match progressed – the power of the Sirloins heritage and presentation was amazing and really did play a powerful match all the way through both as a forward and defender.

Both chefs had a great game and engaged with the “fans” and encouraged the votes to come forward creating an amazing atmosphere over the weekend ad we would like to thank them and Fabulous Fan Fayre for their support.

Debbie Rigney, Stadium Experience’s Marketing and PR Manager, said: “Stadium Experience is delighted to support this great initiative and due to the success of the competition it is now also open to Rugby and Cricket Stadiums.”

Matches already lined up in the coming weeks include chefs from Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow, Wembley Stadium in London, Swansea City AFC and many more.

Listen to a podcast to find out more about the competition ahead of the Scotland (Hampden Park Stadium) V England (Wembley Stadium) match in early June.

For more details on how to get involved please email : ButchersKit@ahdb.org.uk

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